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Lev Leora Interest Free Loan Gemach

Clothing Items Distributed through One of a Kind Clothing Program


Weekly Food Package Program

The Challenge In the face of harsh realities, our community grapples with the profound challenge of securing
nourishment for themselves and their families. The soaring costs of food have exacerbated the struggle, while a startling
uptick in families in need underscores the urgency of our mission.

The Solution We discreetly support 3,550+ individuals weekly, offering Kosher food, groceries, and store credit coupons.
During Yom Tov, we aid 1,000 more, providing over $97,000 monthly, rising to $350,000 for these special occasions
through our Store Credit Program. Our “Online Shabbos Store” enhances shopping convenience with essential deliveries.

Monthly Grocery Voucher Program

The Challenge In the face of life’s uncertainties, numerous individuals and families within our community grapple with the formidable challenge of securing basic sustenance.

The Solution Our Monthly Grocery Voucher Program offers $1,420,000 in monthly vouchers to 2,800 individuals across 450 households, guaranteeing essential grocery access. During Yom Tov seasons, we inject $350,000 biannually to
brighten the lives of an additional 1,000 individuals ensuring joyous celebrations.

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Mental Health Initiative

The Challenge Within our community, the difficulty in accessing affordable mental health treatment looms large.
Individuals facing emotional and psychological challenges often find themselves at an impasse – needing support but hindered by the prohibitive costs associated with professional counseling.

The Solution Our Mental Health Initiative provides subsidized counseling sessions to 297 individuals, for 2,100 sessions, costing $350,000, empowering them to take control of their mental well-being and fostering resilience, regardless of
financial barriers.

Second Chance Furniture

The Challenge In our community, many struggle to access basic furniture and appliances, leaving families without
essential items like beds and appliances, making daily life more challenging.

The Solution Through our furniture donation program, we support over 350 families annually, providing subsidized
pickup and delivery services. In the last 18 months, we’ve distributed over 1,250 furniture items, transforming living
spaces and enhancing the quality of life for individuals and families in need.

Financial Assistance Program

The Challenge In the face of life’s adversities, hundreds of families encounter severe financial hardships often stemming
from job losses or health issues. The resulting predicaments range from looming evictions to foreclosures and utility
disconnections, painting a stark picture of the challenges they confront.

The Solution Annually, our Financial Assistance Program allocates $2,450,000 in direct subsidies to 500+ households,
covering essentials like rent, utilities, and mortgage relief, ensuring prompt, discreet support while preserving dignity
and offering round-the-clock assistance.

Lev Leora Interest-Free Loan Fund

The Challenge In our community, navigating unexpected financial hurdles can be overwhelming, often leading to
mounting debt or unmet essential expenses. Access to traditional loans may be limited, leaving individuals and families
without viable options to overcome these challenges.

The Solution Our Lev Leora Interest-Free Loan Fund has distributed over $750,000 in interest-free, long-term loans to
individuals seeking financial stability, helping them manage debt, navigate emergencies, and address various expenses
without the burden of interest, empowering them to secure their financial future.

Dr. Julian Mirman Camp Fund

The Challenge As the sun shines, so does the challenge for families unable to afford enriching camp experiences for
their children. Many youngsters miss out on the joy, growth, and learning that come with summer camp adventures
due to financial constraints.

The Solution Our Camp Fund brings hope by enabling over 120 children to attend summer camps, creating memories,
skills, and friendships. It eases the burden on families, shaping children’s futures.



The Challenge Many in our community face the challenge of job loss, leaving breadwinners grappling with uncertainty and shame. They struggle to navigate the complex journey of seeking employment or recalibrating their careers.

The Solution Through JobLinkLA, launched in 2013, we provide comprehensive job placement, resume assistance, networking, interview preparation, and career coaching, connecting candidates with ideal positions through an Online Job Board Portal, ultimately equipping individuals for professional success.

Email: joblinkla@touchofkindness.org


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One Of a Kind (OOAK) Clothing

The Challenge In our community, a pressing challenge emerges as individuals of all ages, from toddlers to adults,
struggle to find clothing that fits well, looks presentable, and is affordable, particularly for parents who grapple with the
inability to provide even basic new clothing for their families.

The Solution Through OOAK, we empower 3,950 individuals from 455 households biannually, offering stylish clothing
at nominal fees. Our dignified shopping experience includes private dressing rooms.

Diaper Distribution

The Challenge Within our community, the challenge of securing an adequate supply of diapers can be daunting for many
families. The costs associated with diapers can strain budgets, impacting the well-being of both parents and children.

The Solution Our Diaper Distribution program provides 85,000 diapers annually to over 100 families, we alleviate the
financial strain that often accompanies raising children. Through our multiple distribution locations, we ensure that
families can conveniently access this essential resource.

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